Hudson Black - Ghost HunterEdit

Have you ever wondered if there is another life? What is awaitng you after your death? There is a theory that if you decide to stay here, in the world of living, all that is left is spirit that wants revenge for all the dids that were done to him in life and he wasn't capable of defend himself... Let me tell you a little story, once upon a time there was a young nurse, she just got new job in what she trully believed and loved to do. Helping people. Years passed, she got depressed and sad because every day, people died... she couldn't look at death anymore. Death was hunting her... And she decided to put an an end to that ...Room 502... Wavelry hills...

Johnny Morn - ExorcistEdit

Funny how psychatrists, cops, doctors go to the church to listen about demons, angels, God, Devil, Heaven, Hell...They pretend to believe in all that. But one day one man comes to them and claims to see demons. Next stop - Mental Asylum. That man was me and i still see demons... And they see me, they know who am i and what i am capable of doing... They hunt me, the only thing that they are not awair of... is that i hunt them, i see them, i feel them... And i am unstoppable because i have God on my side. Some crappy newspaper, January 18th 2012... Small town near Ohio, people are dissapearing three days later they come back but all of them or killed something or are very agressive... Seems that I am going to Ohio...

Billy Clay - Legendary Creature HunterEdit

Sometimes, a sound that you hear in wood when camping is not wind. Sometimes it is something, bigger, scarier... ou have no idea how many cases like "Man was found dead tear appart by wild animal probably bear" police and FBI closed. You know why? Bodies had giant claws marcs, they though that some berad did that but than it appears that no bear was ever seen in those places. People are dying and no one seem to have any idea why. I do... And today i will make my way to Pine Barrens, where another victim was found dead by mystery animal. Some refuse to believe some do believe that that was Jersey Devil... We'll see.