Ghost Gameplay
Ghost Gameplay


Ghost hunting is the set of story-lines with the character Hudson Black. There are two ghost hunting story-lines, one takes place in old, haunted, Ex-Tuberculosis Sanatorium, in which a tour goes missing there and you have to go check it out. The other ghost hunting story-line takes place in Dudley Town, this town is private property and is said to be very haunted. It is hard to acquire information on it since its private property. Those are the two ghost hunting story-lines in paranormal, they all have their own mysteries.


You wil explore large amount of land in order to find the victims dead or alive. Ghost will throw stuff in you, you will be hearing stuff, voices screams and locking for help in order to atract you in dangerous places and locking doors behind you. You will also have calm bar which will show your heart rate and bluring your view if your heart rate is way up. There will be a button to calm yourself. But ghost will know that you are nervous and try not to calm you down. If heart rate reches certain limit and your screen is almost blured your character will run away from the place. It will be game over for that day, you may try again next day. But victims can't wait so abusing day limit you will find your victims dead.

Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills, an ex-tubercolosis sanitorium in the 2th century. It was closed when the cure to tubercolosis was found. Before that, every day pecients died from deadly disease. Waverly had a tunnel, called tunnel of death. That was the place where dead pacients were carried away. There was suicide case in room 502. This is on of the ghost hunting places

Dudley Town

Also known as the town on the damned, all of their residents were dead mysteriously in and out of town. This is also one of the ghost hunting places.