Hudson Black

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Hudson Black

Occupation: Ghost Hunter

Age: 25

Spouse: Veronica Hudson

Weaknesses: Dead wife and child

Strengths: Ghost Hunting


Hudson’s wife and child died in an unexplained fire in their own house. Hudson had been haunted by all the death around him and went on a search for the starter of the fire. The oven was not on, candles were not lit and the fireplace was cold. Not too much of the house was affected apart from the random burn in the middle of the house in which his wife and child were at, at the same time. He knew It was something supernatural, it was the only explanation. He learnt about the spirits of the damned coming to your house and taking your loved ones in a flash. He decided to go on a hunt to all the paranormal spots and dedicate his life to hunt ghosts and spirits for revenge.